Hello world! Reasons why I decided to start this blog
Hello world! Reasons why I decided to start this blog

Hi there!

I would like to introduce you my blog about clean code, clean architecture, good practices, design patterns, solutions for specific problems and about programming at all.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

The main reason of creating this blog was born in my head one year ago – while working at several projects as developer –  sometimes I had strange problems – which aren’t described or documented well – and this require a lot of time to spend on searching for the solution.

Through that blog I want to share this solutions with other people like you. With that knowledge you can avoid confusion or frustration at time-consuming searching for answers – e.g. hidden or not detected as issue before. Also my post’s might improve your knowledge about object-oriented programming & designing.

Because one of my own personal goals is to teach and help people making good code & architecture, I decided to create this blog. I was collecting experience through many years and I noticed common problems in projects affected by poorly designed code (especially in OOP).

If you read this I want to invite you to incredible journey through this blog – which means, that you can learn something from me, something useful in daily developer work.

Thanks for reading. Keep going!


Mateusz Palichleb

Blog author

I am a experienced programmer in building web applications (generally I started programming in 2005). I'm always open to conversation about clean code, and interesting programming techniques, whoose can improve our work as developers.

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